One Piece Conditioning: The Peanut

You don't need a ton of Canine Conditioning gear to keep your dog fit, improve performance or just have some fun. Using just a peanut, our One Piece Workouts: The Peanut will give you a variety of excises & activities you and your dog will love!

One Piece Conditioning: The Donut, FITbone or Balance Disc

In this course you will learn how to condition your dog with a variety of different exercises you can perform on a single piece of conditioning equipment, regardless of which piece you have.

Conditioning For The Canine Athlete Course: Functional Strength

Due to the physical nature of dog sports and the canine athletes that participate, Canine Conditioning must maximum function. Therefore the exercises and activities of your canine athlete’s conditioning program must produce this result.

Behavior, Balance, Fitness & Focus

Working on balance discs while learning & practicing a variety of commands like sit, down, stay, come, create a whole new fun and challenging way for you to improve your dog's behavior, focus, health!

First Aid For Emergencies & Injuries To Your The Canine Athlete

Any high intense activity with your exposes them to injury. Knowing what to do or what not to do can save your dog's career or life. You will learn First Aid Techniques For Canine Sports Related Injuries From ER & Rehab Vet, Eve Pugh DVM, CVA CCRP