Without questions the most versatile piece of canine conditioning equipment is the peanut. Its length creates the ideal platform for a dog to stand.  Its lateral movement targets the area of a dog where it is physically weakest. Its roll creates an ideal platform for dynamic stabilization challenges in order to recreate the unpredictability of intense actions of canine sports. Its height is enough for jump drills, hindlimb or forelimb isolation exercises and there's enough room to practice almost any obedience commands.

The beauty of working with your dog on a peanut supported by  you and the wall or other open support system is the ability to create amazing dynamic challenges. How? Pressure. The pressure controls the difficulty. 

So you are able to increase or decrease your dog's need to stabilize the peanut while performing a movement. That need to stabilize the peanut, while your dog performs a physical movement is the basis for creating dynamic challenges. 

Dynamic challenges recreate the realities of your dog performing in their sport. When your dog is physically active they might find themselves on an unstable surface, their ability to stabilize their body, or the surface, while performing the athletic movement of their sport is essential for injury prevention and improved performance. 

In addition, working with The Donut, FITbone, or Balance Disc you will learn how to condition your dog with a variety of different functional exercises that you can perform on a single piece of conditioning equipment regardless of which piece you have. It offers in depth explanations and comparisons of the advantages and disadvantages to each piece, and if you happen to have all three you might use different pieces for different exercises depending on what your conditioning goals are.